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          1. Standards

            When you spearhead it together, change becomes progress

            StdsThat’s why a cooperative team effort will always trump an isolated individual endeavor. Ever since our involvement in the creation of the first cable TV infrastructure, the first wireless networks, the first data centers and the first intelligent buildings, one thing has remained the same: a forward-thinking, collaborative approach to solving problems.

            We rely on long-standing relationships with professionals in a wide variety of industry associations to help us develop cost-effective solutions that:

            • Relieve wireless network bandwidth strain, improve coverage, add capacity, overhaul backhaul, amplify cell signals and modernize your cell sites
            • Improve data center visibility, productivity and efficiency, add intelligence to modern buildings and transform your IT infrastructure into a jack of all trades
            • Widen bandwidth for coaxial, twisted-pair and fiber-optic broadband networks, migrate IP-based services and support your goal of all-optical architectures

            Select an category below to learn more about the associations we partner with to keep you at the very forefront of emerging communications technology: