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          1. Your customers count on you

            PartnerPRO Partner ImageYou can count on CommScope
            We've all experienced the business impact of the frantic pace of technology. There are more customers and more providers. The scope and variety of projects have never been more diverse. It's difficult to get attention and visibility in such a crowded marketplace.

            The PartnerPRO? Network opportunity: new business, more revenue
            PartnerPRO is designed to help our partners find new revenue opportunities in today's competitive global marketplace. The network supports CommScope solutions for customers around the world. Our reputation as a trusted partner for many of the world's most vital communication networks enables you to better help your customer navigate the challenges of network expansion and business growth.

            While our solutions are internationally respected, we believe that you — our expert consultants, integrators, installers, distributors and industry alliances — are the lynchpin to our continued mutual success. Utilize the PartnerPRO Network to offer your customers superior design expertise, reliable performance, smooth upgrades and more consistent service.

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            Design & Engineering Webinar Series
            Join us each month as we provide technical knowledge to design CommScope solutions into your customers’ environment. Each 60-minute webinar is packed with education and insight for our technical partner community audience.
            Give your business every opportunity to succeed
            CommScope’s comprehensive broadband, enterprise and wireless solutions mean the PartnerPRO Network is an ideal way to expand your business. Learn more here.
            Become the trusted partner your customers need
            A partnership with CommScope gives you a unique opportunity to begin from a position of instant brand recognition and greater trust, especially with new customers.
            The PartnerPRO? Network
            Our reputation. Your opportunity. Learn how joining the PartnerPRO Network gives you the insight you need to more effectively bid new projects — and fulfill them.

            Join the PartnerPRO Network

            Offer proactive solutions that improve network performance, capacity and costs- then be the first to offer the latest technologies and innovative solutions as they emerge.

            Partner Tools

            CommScope resources and tools to help you create value - today!

            How are Millennials shaping networks?

            CommScope report compares the tech lifestyles of Millennials and Baby Boomers